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UCSF webinar looks at impact of tax increases and other interventions in Tobacco Nation

A webinar by the University of California-San Francisco’s Smoking Cessation Leadership Center focused on the projected impacts of cigarette tax increases and other interventions in Tobacco Nation, the 13 states in the southern and midwestern U.S. with disproportionately high rates of smoking. Speakers were Emily Donovan, senior researcher for Truth Nation in Washington; and Michael [...]

Stronger packaging-focused policies may help reduce cigar use

A research team led by Daniel P. Giovenco of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health used a packaging archive of the top-selling, mass-market cigar products in the U.S. and their corresponding sales data to assess the prevalence of common pack features in the marketplace. They found that the most popular brand did not display [...]

CDC’s Best Practices User Guides include two new supplements on mapping techniques and retail strategies

A partnership between CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health and the Center for Public Health Systems Science at Washington University is developing a new set of supplements to CDC’s popular Best Practices User Guides for tobacco control. The second and third supplements on Mapping Techniques and Retail Strategies to Support Health Equity are now available. [...]

Youth provide perspective on menthol sales restrictions in Minnesota

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An evaluation of the 2018 menthol tobacco sales restrictions implemented in Minneapolis and Duluth found mixed reactions among youth ages 14-17. Many of the youth who were interviewed obtain tobacco through peers, family members, and online. The youth observed decreases in retail advertising of menthol cigarettes, although many felt e-cigarettes and online advertising were more [...]

Carding is key to reducing underage tobacco purchases

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Enforcement of Tobacco 21 laws was the subject of a paper co-authored by ASPiRE’s Amanda Kong. Researchers focused on New Jersey, one of several states that increased the tobacco age-of-sale to 21 prior to passage of the federal law in 2019. The study sent five buyers aged 18-20 to 86 retailers between August 2019 and [...]

Restricting tobacco sales to state-controlled liquor stores could increase problem drinking

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A study co-authored by ASPiRE’s Lisa Henriksen examined possible unintended consequences of restricting tobacco sales to state-owned liquor stores in the 12 states with government retail monopolies on liquor. Researchers examined survey data from nearly 15,000 adults who responded to the 2015 or 2020 U.S. National Alcohol Survey, including more than 2,000 in one of [...]

Finding patterns in the availability and sales of newer tobacco products

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ASPiRE’s Joseph G.L. Lee (East Carolina University) and ASPiRE partner Shyanika W. Rose (University of Kentucky) co-authored a study that audited retailers in four states to analyze neighborhood distribution of the availability of disposable e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches. Both products were available in about half the stores audited in Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, and [...]

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