D&I Pilot Awards

D&I Pilot Awards

The purpose of the ASPiRE Center Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) pilot research program is to advance D&I science and build capacity for D&I research in evidence-based tobacco retail policy.

One grant was awarded for the 2022–2023 grant cycle.

2022 awardee

What do you think? Experts weigh in on the feasibility and impact of various retail tobacco policies

Todd Combs, PhD, Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Combs will conduct a Delphi method survey of experts and practitioners who will give their opinions on the legal feasibility, ease of enforcement, and overall economic and equity impacts of various retail tobacco control policies.


2021 awardees

Menthol product availability, placement, and advertisement across neighborhoods

Karalyn Kiessling

Karalyn Kiessling, BS, MPH, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Holly Jarman

Holly Jarman, PhD, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Research question:

  • Are neighborhood socio-demographic factors associated with menthol product availability and advertisement in Grand Rapids and Detroit?

What influences local policy makers to end the sale of flavored commercial tobacco?

Elyse Levine Less

Elyse Levine Less, MPH, JD, Association for Nonsmokers–Minnesota (ANSR)

Traci Toomey

Traci Toomey, PhD, MPH, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson, MA, Association for Nonsmokers–Minnesota (ANSR)

Research question:

  • What factors inform and influence policymakers’ decision-making when voting in favor of passing a comprehensive flavored tobacco ban in their locality?

2020 awardees

Advancing equity in tobacco control

Sarah Mills

Sarah Mills, PhD, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Research question:

  • Which tobacco control policies advance health equity?

Transitioning to public health enforcement of retail tobacco control policies: Benefits, barriers, and local lessons learned

Ilana Raskind

Ilana Raskind, PhD, Huntsman Cancer Institute (formerly Stanford Medicine)

Research question:

  • What are the potential benefits of, and barriers to, health department enforcement of retail tobacco laws?

2019 awardees

Youth perceptions and counter-messages to the e-cigarette retail environment

Shivani Mathur Gaiha

Shivani Mathur Gaiha, PhD, Stanford Medicine

Bonnie Halpern-Felsher

Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, PhD, Stanford Medicine

Research questions:

  • How do youth and young adults perceive the e-cigarette retail environment?
  • What factors increase youth susceptibility to use e-cigarettes?

Effects of tobacco retail policy on youth tobacco risk perceptions, intentions, and product use

Erin Vogel

Erin Vogel, PhD, Stanford Medicine

Research questions:

  • What is the association between strength of local retail policy and youth perceptions, susceptibility, and tobacco use?
  • How do novel retail policies affect youth?