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Redlining and tobacco retail density

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Researchers from The Ohio State University tracked maps of 13 Ohio cities over time using racially discriminatory redlining criteria and tobacco retailer licenses by location and found that tobacco retailer density increased as redlining grades decreased, reflecting higher densities in low-income and Black neighborhoods. See the paper. [...]

Local control important to Tobacco 21

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A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows localities can provide an extra layer to the federal Tobacco 21 law by adding components to their own T21 laws, like a comprehensive definition of tobacco, retail licensure, a graduated penalty structure, and an enforcement mechanism (e.g., compliance checks, inspections, etc.). Now, most local T21 [...]

Menthol marketing in LA: A challenge to health equity

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A study in Preventing Chronic Disease found a disproportionate number of ads and price promotions for menthol cigarettes in stores located in predominantly Black neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The lowest advertised menthol pack price was also found in these neighborhoods. These findings support implementation of policies that restrict retail menthol cigarette sales. See the paper. [...]

Tobacco, alcohol sales increase during pandemic

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A paper in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that alcohol and tobacco sales increased in all demographic categories in 2020 compared with 2019. Relative increases in tobacco sales were higher among higher-income households, younger adults, larger households, households with children under 18, and ethnic minorities. This is consistent with the demographic subgroups, who report [...]

Study finds inequities in neighborhood tobacco retail density

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A new paper in Health Education & Behavior by ASPiRE’s Amanda Kong and other members of the UNC team discusses several implications for pro-equity tobacco control, focused on the built environment. The paper updates the previous literature documenting national inequities in tobacco retailer density. The authors also found there may be an inequitable impact of [...]

May 2021 retail tobacco-related literature search results

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At the beginning of each month, we conduct a search of the PubMed database for new peer-reviewed articles on the retail tobacco environment and policy.  Many of these articles are available for FREE. The May 2021 PubMed search results are now available. Check them out! And check back after the first Tuesday of each month [...]