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Secret pacts between tobacco companies and retailers are a bad bargain for public health

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Tobacco companies handsomely incentivize retailers around the world to follow harsh requirements related to selling and marketing tobacco products through contracts that fly under the radar of both consumers and policymakers. These agreements allow tobacco manufacturers to give their products primary placement in stores, discount their pricing and target specific demographics. Such rigorous control undermines [...]

Cheaper tobacco product prices at US Air Force Bases compared with surrounding community areas, 2019

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This study with ASPiRE authors Kong, Golden, Ribisl, and Vandegrift evaluates compliance with a US Department of Defense (DoD) policy requiring stores on military bases to set tobacco prices comparable to stores in the surrounding community. The authors conducted store audits of 23 on-base and 50 off-base retailers in Texas. They found the median price of [...]

Cigar ad content at stores near middle schools, high schools in California

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Ads for little cigars that implied health claims and featured premium branding and sensory descriptors were found by researchers in retail settings near schools. Although the FDA prohibits using inaccurate, reduced-risk descriptors on tobacco product advertising, researchers visiting 530 retailers near California middle and high schools photographed and content analyzed cigar ads, finding 44% of [...]

Improved compliance with tobacco age-of-sale signage needed near colleges and universities

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A study co-authored by Henriksen and ASPiRE researchers Monika Vishwakarma, Trent Johnson, and Nina Schleicher examined compliance at 614 California vape shops with state-mandated age-of-sale signs, the presence of age-of-entry signs, and the tobacco industry’s “We Card” sign in 2019. The researchers found that compliance with the age-of-sale sign was 69.4%, with vape-only stores less [...]

E-cigarette sales trends available

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The CDC Foundation has produced data briefs on U.S. trends in e-cigarette sales, including trends in several states. The briefs update trends in sales of e-cigarettes by product and flavor type. These briefs are intended to provide information about population trends in sales for participating retailers; they don’t include online sale or vape store sales, [...]

CDC publishes guide on putting evidence into practice

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After more than 50 years of research, we know what works to reduce commercial tobacco use. Yet evidence-based interventions are not reaching the people who need them most, and tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Now, the CDC has published a new guide designed to help programs like yours [...]

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