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Evidence bolsters case for retail restrictions in North Carolina

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The ASPiRE team from the University of North Carolina argues that retail policy changes in that state would bolster attempts to reduce youth tobacco use and eliminate tobacco-related disparities. The commentary, published in the North Carolina Medical Journal, describes the evidence for point-of-sale policies including Tobacco 21 laws, restrictions on advertising and promotions, flavored tobacco [...]

Tobacco’s influence on convenience store traffic goes down in Britain

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ASPiRE’s Amanda Kong and her co-authors found that tobacco’s importance as a driver of retail traffic in British convenience stores declined significantly from 2016 to 2019. Researchers analyzed electronic point-of-sale systems data from 1,253 convenience stores. Their results undermine industry claims that tobacco sales are essential to the viability of convenience stores. Read the paper. [...]

Unintended consequences show need for retailer, consumer surveillance

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For this recent study, Henriksen and colleagues surveyed young adults in the Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, San Diego, and Seattle metro areas who use e-cigarettes. The results illustrate how consumers from jurisdictions with different regulatory landscapes responded to FDA’s removal of flavored cartridge e-cigarettes (other than tobacco or menthol flavors) that were on the market [...]

The reshaping of the e-cigarette retail environment

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In a commentary published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, ASPiRE’s Lisa Henriksen and her co-authors examine the impact of new state and federal laws, cannabis legalization, and other regulatory complexities that have affected how e-cigarettes are being marketed and their effect on public health. Topics discussed include youth access, consumer [...]

PHLC updates factsheets on ad restrictions

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The Public Health Law Center has updated two factsheets that provide general information about tobacco advertising restrictions regarding content, time, place, or manner. Each factsheet includes examples of these restrictions and describes potential legal challenges. Read Content-Neutral Advertising Laws (2022 update). Read Restricting Tobacco Advertising (2022 update). [...]

Texas Schools with higher Hispanic/Latino enrollment surrounded by more tobacco ads

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Researchers from the University of Texas audited advertising data from convenience stores and gas stations around middle and high schools in the state’s metro areas, then simulated a 1,000-foot ban of tobacco sales around the schools. They found that schools with a higher enrollment of Hispanic/Latino and economically disadvantaged students were surrounded by more advertising [...]

New tobacco products require new surveillance methods

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Retail tobacco sales data may be a good alternative to the traditional “gold standard” tobacco retail surveys to better adapt to the rapidly changing tobacco retail landscape, reports the CDC Foundation in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The proliferation of new kinds of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products will require new methods to rapidly [...]

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