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Local legislation can reduce adolescent tobacco use

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Researchers at Boston College examined the associations between tobacco control policies in several Massachusetts counties and adolescent tobacco use. They found that counties with greater implementation of flavored tobacco product restrictions were associated with a decrease in the level of cigarette use, with the largest reductions among 14- and 18-year-olds. Increasing flavored tobacco product restrictions [...]

OSU study reviews density-reduction approaches

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A literature review in Health & Place by researchers at The Ohio State University School of Public Health synthesized evidence on density-reduction policies. Findings indicate that prohibitions on tobacco sales in pharmacies reduced retailer density, but perhaps not equitably. Prohibiting the sale of tobacco near schools produced greater density reductions in higher-risk neighborhoods, and a [...]

Reductions in retail density can reduce youth smoking

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A review by ASPiRE’s team at Stanford, reported in Health & Place, looked at international peer-reviewed literature with evidence of the density and proximity of tobacco retail outlets to homes, schools, and communities and their association with smoking among youth in 1990-2019. The review found evidence of a relationship between the density of tobacco retail [...]

In Providence, a prohibition on flavored products shows a shift to concept flavors

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A case study in Tobacco Control looked at restrictions on the sale of non-cigarette tobacco products with a flavor other than tobacco, menthol, mint, or wintergreen. Researchers compared scanner data from Providence and the rest of Rhode Island, which illustrated the cigarillo industry’s response to the sales restriction. They found that Providence consumers were exposed [...]

AHA releases interactive map of retail licensing in 50 states

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The American Heart Association has developed Tobacco Retail Licensure, an interactive map with licensing information for all 50 states. Scroll over the map for a summary (license provisions, fees, renewal terms) and click on the state for more information. The page includes policy recommendations and additional resources, including two from ASPiRE: Tobacco Retail Policy Trends [...]